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At South Pacific Press, we have two award-winning
imprints deeply committed to lifting educational achievement.
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The Imprints



Contract publishing division

Develops resources for government,
corporate and non-corporate clients in
New Zealand and internationally.

Provider of publishing services for the Ministry
of Education instructional series — School
Journal, Ready to Read, Connected, School
Journal Story Library and Junior Journal.



Family of literacy resources

Founded on research-based approaches
to literacy teaching and learning in
years 4–9.

Accelerates literacy achievement in
diverse student groups, including
struggling readers and English language
learners, in mainstream classrooms.

South Pacific Press

South Pacific Press Limited (SPP) was founded in 2004 by Neale Pitches and Meryl-Lynn Pluck of Rainbow Reading. SPP has a vision to develop world-class learning materials — focused on accelerating student achievement.

We created CSI Literacy, a family of evidence-based literacy resources for students in the middle years of schooling. CSI Literacy is now being used in classrooms across New Zealand, Australia, USA, UK, Hong Kong and Singapore.

In 2007, South Pacific Press acquired Lift Education from its founder, Dr Sue Watson, a colleague of ours.

In 2010, South Pacific Press, in conjunction with CORE Education, co-developed Literacy to You — an on-line

professional learning course for teachers, based on the successful CSI Literacy approach.

In 2014, South Pacific Press has begun a partnership with the Commonwealth Education Trust to represent its anniversary resource A River of Stories to New Zealand Schools.

While South Pacific Press Limited is our legal trading name, we focus all our activity under the two imprints and trading names of Lift Education and CSI Literacy.

Our team of highly capable resource developers comprises educators, editors, project managers, intellectual property specialists, marketers, instructional designers and digital developers who work across both Lift Education and CSI Literacy.

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